Rocks, Minerals & Geology of the Pacific Northwest


“Rocks, Minerals & Geology of the Pacific Northwest” is an in-depth field guide perfect for rockhounds, hikers, and geology enthusiasts.

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Book highlights from the back cover:

“*The essential reference for rockhounds, hikers, climbers, and geology enthusiasts

*More than 400 photographs, illustrations, tables, and maps showcase and explain everything from minuscule crystals to regional tectonics

*Interprets the geologic histories of well-loved regional landscapes and iconic rock formations

*Profiles more than 100 minerals and rocks in detailed entries with photos, descriptions, identification graphics, and mini-indexes

*Explores the geology and geography of 13 physiographic regions in Washington and Oregon”

Written by Leslie Moclock & Jacob Selander, 360 pages.  Listed price includes the cost of shipping, and all purchases help support Newport’s historic lighthouses.  Thank you!