Master Chief Thomas McAdams


This book captures the fantastic stories the Master Chief Thomas McAdams told over the years about his time in the Coast Guard.

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From the back cover: “The first time Joe Novello saw Master Chief McAdams was on an episode of the television series ‘Lassie’ in 1968. The episode began with several minutes of scenes showing the Chief driving a 44-foot motor lifeboat through the surf. During the show, one segment showed the lifeboat rolling completely upside down. Joe watched the show with his father and said, ‘That would be so fun!’ His father’s only comment was, ‘You’re nuts!’  Just seven years later, Joe was a Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class, Coxswain in the Coast Guard. Fate would have it that he was stationed at the Yaquina Bay Station, working under Master Chief McAdams, piloting 44-foot motor lifeboats.  Master Chief McAdams retired from the Coast Guard in 1977, a year before Joe’s enlistment ran out. Although they did not work together after the Coast Guard, their paths crossed many times over the years in emergency services. Retired Master Chief McAdams was on the Newport, Oregon Fire Department, and Joe was working for the local ambulance company and as a volunteer on the Siletz, Oregon Fire Department. When their paths crossed they shared stories about their time in the service together.  The Lincoln County Historical Society was looking for a way to capture the fantastic stories the Master Chief told over the years about his time in the Coast Guard. Joe Novello and Master Chief McAdams were both members of the Historical Society so discussions ensued about the possibility of Joe writing the book. After thirty years in the education field, Joe had some writing experience with profession journals and a textbook. Joe agreed to work with Chief McAdams, and this book is the result of their efforts.” Written by Joe Novello, 243 pages. Listed price includes the cost of shipping, and all purchases help support Newport’s historic lighthouses.  Thank you!