Agates of the Oregon Coast


This “Pocket Guide Agates of the Oregon Coast” is an excellent illustrated guide to agates, jasper, fossils, and petrified wood commonly found on the Oregon Coast.

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Here’s the true color pocket-guide with samples just as they were found on our sandy beaches.  Easy peasy for beachcombers of all ages to identify agates to zeolites and other desirable colored stones that may be found along the Pacific Coastline.  Just lay your dry stones over the photos to identify them.

All examples were found lying loose, among the gravel on the sand and no digging was involved. This guide displays the agates in both their natural condition as found and the cover displays them polished. New to this 16-page guide that’s packed with so many photos and details of the stunning colors and varieties of agate including the enhydro (water agates), plus a special section of agatized fossils, petrified wood, and fossils to be found amidst the cobbles along the Oregon Coastal beaches. The purpose of this guide is to present accurate color photos of treasures to be found along the Oregon coast and to clarify the identification of these beauties, for example, the difference between a carnelian and the common sard or between the highly sought-after truly blue agate and the common black agate.

Complete with the Oregon coast map of “historically known areas” for having had gravel (over the years) and the conditions to watch for.

About the authors:

Author K.T. Myers, a rockhound since the 1950s, has been trained in gem & mineral identification, jewelry fabrication, and lapidary, working professionally in the retail fine jewelry industry plus gem & mineral shows for nearly three decades. Still today, sharing by doing live presentations of the well-received “Beachcombing 101” since retirement.

Consultant Richard Petrovic, an award-winning gemologist since the 1970’s has been recognized for his continued mineralogy by the Gemological Institute of America and other groups on numerous occasions. The Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies have also honored his contributions. While living in Newport Oregon he designed and developed a class entitled “The Many FACETS of Gems & Minerals” which he taught at the Oregon Coast Community College.

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