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Help To Uncover the Secrets of the Past!

Help To Uncover the Secrets of the Past, Find a Shipwreck of Your Own! Fresh breeze N. West thee 24 hours, first part of 24 hours little high dry fog. Last part of 24 hours fair weather. Sea quite smooth. Keeper went to Newport. 1st ass’t and 2nd ass’t painting roof of woodshed & whitewashing tight board fence. At 6. P.M. sighted three ship’s boats coming toward the cape […]

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A new LED Lamp and the Evolution of Yaquina Head Lightsources

1873, wicked, lard oil lamp 1887, wicked, kerosene lamp 1911, incandescent oil vapor, mantles (not wicks), kerosene lamp 1933, electric, first incandescent bulb 1939, electric, incandescent bulb, but characteristic changed from steady white (since 1873) to flashing white, 2 seconds on, 2 seconds off, 2 seconds on, 14 seconds off, which it still is today. […]

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Look for our Film Project

Look for our film project, now being shown in the Yaquina Room inside the Yaquina Head Interpretive Center, on our new YouTube Channel! You can find the combined films HERE. We will be adding video content of Yaquina happenings as we go along.

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Yaquina Head Weatherstation

Our latest project at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area funded the purchase of a weather station that is located down on the lighthouse circle. Now we all can see what is happening out on the Yaquina Headland in real time! Click Here for a peek.

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