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Upgrades at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
Designs are underway to make several facility upgrades at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, located within the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Northwest Oregon District. Public input is being sought regarding the replacement of the stairs that access Cobble Beach, as well as the decking that surrounds the historic lighthouse. This work is a good example of the BLM’s commitment to serving the American family by being good neighbors and providing recreational opportunities.

A public meeting will be held on May 18, 2018 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Yaquina Head Interpretive Center, located at 750 Northwest Lighthouse Drive in Newport, OR. Information will be shared on design options for the facility upgrades.

The wooden stairs that currently lead to Cobble Beach and provide access for tidepool viewing were built 25 years ago, and are in need of replacement, as is the wooden decking that provides wildlife viewing opportunities, particularly whale watching, on the north side of the lighthouse and the deck immediately surrounding the lighthouse.

Input can be sent to Yaquina Head Manager Janet Johnson at (541) 574-3142 or

Additional information about the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area is available at:


What a productive year Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses (FOYL) had!  Looking back at 2017 we find that we:

  • Continued to support the crowdsourcing campaign on From The Page so that the transcription of historical documents in the Yaquina Head collection might continue.
  • Funded the purchase of cedar chips from a small mill in Siletz so that the Historical Lightkeeper’s Garden looks great and remains weed-free.
  • Funded the purchase of new items for the Interpretive Center.
  • Provided new backpacks and rain covers for YH volunteers and summer employees.
  • Provided craft supplies and refreshments for Victorian Holiday, and received a donation of a beautiful tree from Miller Farms in Siletz.
  • Funded seasonal employees for the Spring education program at YH.
  • Funded for a 4th year the Tidepool Guide Program with help from the Autzen Foundation, which was a huge success!
  • Raised over $3000 in support of a new stairway to Cobble Beach.

Thank you members and others who contributed time and/or funds for the continuation of our mission to “aid in the preservation of Yaquina Bay and Yaquina Head Lighthouses and their surrounding areas, and to interpret their natural and cultural histories.” FOYL will celebrate its 30th year in 2018 and continues to grow and prosper in support of Newport’s public lands.

2018 Yaquina Wild Calendar – On Sale Now!

Looking for a way to support our organization? With the help of local artist Mitch Rohse we have put together our first (hopefully of many!) annual calendar! Chock full of spectacular images taken of Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area in Newport, Oregon and complete with daily tide times this calendar is a must-have for nature enthusiasts everywhere.  On sale now from this website, or contact the Interpretive Store at Yaquina Head at (541) 574-3116, or email Amy at The price is $15.95 in-store or $18.95 online (includes shipping).  Thank you for you support!



  Help To Uncover the Secrets of the Past, Find a Shipwreck of Your Own!

  • Fresh breeze N. West thee 24 hours, first part of 24 hours little high dry fog. Last part of 24 hours fair weather. Sea quite smooth. Keeper went to Newport. 1st ass’t and 2nd ass’t painting roof of woodshed & whitewashing tight board fence. At 6. P.M. sighted three ship’s boats coming toward the cape and landed, it proved to be the entire crew of the ship St. Charles that blew up by coal gas at 8.40 A.M. the 17th. The Captain and crew taking to the boats. The Capt and two of the crew are badly burned and are at the Station taking care of them the best that we can. Gave the entire crew supper and lodging and breakfast. Have telegraphed to agents particulars concerning the accident.

We have historic letters, logs, and inspectors reports that need to be transcribed! Help to reveal the unknown history of the Lighthouse! Just recently a volunteer found an account of not one, but two maritime disasters. The above is an example of the beginning of the St. Charles disaster at sea, following is a link to the story of the St. Charles along with a gruesome Newspaper article from Sacramento regarding the events

There’s a list of shipwrecks here Oregon shipwrecks at Wikipedia .

Surely there are more buried in our logs, to find your own just Transcribe them here!



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